Price ( 1-4 people ): 100 $ Price ( 5-10 people ): 100 $

Tour Description:

Тбилиси самый лучший вариант для того что бы ознакомиться с Грузией



Day 1:

We will start the tour at the place where Tbilisi was founded. Now it is the Abanotubani district. There are famous sulfur baths, many wine and souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. A miracle lurks in the shadow of the Fig Gorge... a waterfall in the heart of the city and houses, like swallows' nests, cling to the rocks. Metekhi Bridge and Metekhi temple of the 13th century. Once there was a large royal palace here. On the observation deck there is a monument to the founder of Tbilisi - Tsar Vakhtang Gorgasali. Rike Park is still very young, but already very beloved by both residents and guests.

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